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Includes contact details for record repositories in the UK and for certain overseas repositories.

Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives (AGRA)
Includes directory of professional researchers who abide by the association's code of conduct.

BBC - Your History  
Local and family history guides and tips.

BT Archives
Details of access to the archive in London of telephone directories dating from 1880.

Click 'Resources' for useful guides to major types of  resource, for example parish registers, censuses, gravestone inscriptions.

A site made up of sites for each country and region of the British Isles. Each country site links you to county sites. This site is part of WorldGenWeb, a volunteer-based project.

Cyndi’s List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
An extensive list of links to sites worldwide.

Electoral Registers at the British Library
A guide to the electoral registers held at the British Library's Social Policy Information Service. Includes an explanation of the content and history of electoral  registers.

English Record Offices and Archives on the Web
Links arranged by county.

Every Generation
"The online community resource to the black community" with family history and history resources.

Details of genealogical resources held in public libraries. For each library authority it details the libraries with the main collections, and their holdings of each type of resource, eg parish registers, census records.

Family Records Centre 
The Family Records Centre in London provides access to sources for family history research in England and Wales, including indexes of births, marriages and deaths, copies of Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC) wills 1383-January 1858, census returns, and indexes of legal adoptions since 1927. It is  run jointly by the General Register Office (GRO) and The National Archives (TNA).
Guide to government records and other sources. See especially the 'Topics' section for details of birth, marriage and death certificates, religious records, censuses, wills, immigration, emigration, military records and adoption.  See 'Guides' section for beginner's guide to family history and other information. and links to major non-official sites.

You can search millions of names on this site, which is produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Includes the IGI (International Genealogical Index), the 1881 British Census, and much more. You can find the nearest Family History Centre, run by the Church, by clicking the 'Library' tab.

Federation of Family History Societies  
Includes full text of leaflets to help with your research.

The main gateway site to sources for the UK and Ireland with links to gateways for worldwide information. An entry point to a vast amount of information.

Historical Directories  
A digital library of eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth century local and trade directories from England and Wales. This is a project on progress being carried out by the University of Leicester.

Irish Genealogical Research Society  
Includes details of the society's library in London and links to other  sites for Irish family history.

Medieval Genealogy
Very informative site for medieval genealogy and related historical topics.

Moving Here
Online resources that record and illustrate the migration of Caribbean, Irish, South Asian and Jewish people to England over the past two centuries. Includes a 'Roots Gallery' giving guides to tracing ancestors.
You can search online databases of major records and see results for a small fee. links you to 'English Origins', 'Irish Origins' and 'Scottish Origins' and also includes 'Origin Search', a specialist search engine which crawls the web specifically for genealogical information.

Parish Finder  
You can find the location of a parish, calculate distances between parishes and list all parishes within a specified distance of any parish.

Proceedings of the Old Bailey
A fully searchable digitised collection of all surviving editions of the Old Bailey Proceedings from 1674 to 1834 (to be completed by spring 2004). This is 'the largest body of texts detailing the lives of non-elite people ever published, containing accounts of over 100,000 criminal trials held at London's central criminal court'.The site also includes historical background and information about associated records (other books and documents about crimes tried at the Old Bailey).

Public Record Office
Click 'PRO Homepage', then 'Start your research', then click each menu option here for different aspects of family history information.

Public Record Office Leaflet - Change of Name
Detailed information about recent and historical records. Only in a small percentage of cases is there a central record of changes of name by deed poll or otherwise.

Scottish Archive Network
Aims to provide a single electronic catalogue to the holdings of more than fifty Scottish archives. Includes digital resources. For the site's 'Family History Guide' click 'Research Tools'.

Society of Genealogists
Details of the society, including access to, and holdings of, its library (in London), in particular the list of countrywide parish registers held there.

A site made up of regional and country websites. Select a country to see national and local information resources. All the country web sites have a system for submitting surname queries. Many also have free email lists. This is a volunteer-based project.

Armed Services

Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Click ‘Debt of Honour Register’ for personal and service details and places of commemoration of the 1.7 million members of the Commonwealth forces who died in the First and Second World War.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission - French site
The CWGC site above is heavily used, so if you find it takes too long to connect to it, try accessing it through the French CWGC site which can be quicker. Click ‘Consult Commonwealth database’. Topics: Miltary Records
Details of major sources.

The Long, Long Trail: the Story of the British Army in the Great War of 1914-1918 
Includes a useful section on how to research a soldier of the British Army.

Public Record Office: Documents Online: WW1 Campaign Medals
You can now search online the 'Medal Rolls Index', known as the 'Medal Index Cards (MIC)', for the First World War. Every officer and soldier of the British Army and Royal Flying Corps who saw active service overseas was entitled to a campaign medal in the First World War. The medal 'roll' which records these awards is therefore the most complete listing of those who fought in the war. The roll is being published online in batches, alphabetically by surname. Surnames beginning with A and B are available online now. However, cards for women and for individuals who were 'Mentioned in Despatches' will be available towards the end of the publication project. Some transcribed information is available free. For the full information you can pay a small charge to view the digitised image of the original card. It is recommended that you click the 'read more...' link on the site for help before starting your search.

Public Record Office: Information Leaflets  
Includes the full text of leaflets relating to records of people in the armed services, among others.

Roll of Honour  
List of known war memorials in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire and Peterborough, and searchable databases of many people recorded on them. Includes photographs.

Service Lists at the British Library
Guide to the service lists for the army, navy and air force held at the British Library's Social Policy Information Service.

Veterans Agency
A single point of contact within the Ministry of Defence for veterans and their dependants seeking help, information and advice. Includes information about medals and service records. Also includes links to many veterans' organisations.

Victoria Cross Reference
Details of Victora Cross holders, plus related information. Can be searched by various indexes, including name, unit, location etc.

Births, Marriages and Deaths 
You can view online the indexes to births, marriages and deaths certificates for England and Wales from 1837 to date.

Births, Marriages and Deaths - English and Welsh Register Offices
You can order birth, marriage and death certificates from the local register office at which the birth, marriage or death was registered. This section of the Genuki site gives the local register office addresses. Certificates cost slightly less if ordered from the relevant local office than if ordered by post, telephone or fax from the General Register Office (but cost the same if ordered  online from the GRO with the index reference numbers).

Births, Marriages and Deaths - General Register Office
You can order certificates here by post, telephone, or fax or online (see the site's separate menu entry for ordering online). Site includes application forms for certificates, details of fees, adoptions, certificates overseas, how to register, getting married and all other General Register Office information.

Births, Marriages and Deaths- Proposals for Changes to Civil Registration
Changes are proposed to the public availability of details from certificates. You can read about the proposals in the White Paper 'Civil registration: vital change' on the 'Official Documents' site.  At the site, type 'civil registration vital change' into the search box then click the resulting entry headed '17654T TSO Text'.

Divorce Records in England and Wales after 1858
A National Archives factsheet that includes details of how you can obtain certified copies of decrees nisi and absolute from 1858 to the present day.

Family History Online  
On-line records compiled by Family History Societies. Indexes (or fuller details of the entries) for baptisms, marriages, burials, monumental inscriptions, and census returns.

Family Records Centre - Births, Marriages and Deaths
A good starting point for information about births, marriages and deaths certificates and how to obtain them. Topics
Topics include 'Adoptions', giving details of where to go for information and what information is available; 'Births, Marriages and Deaths', giving dates of civil registration, what details are on certificates, and how to obtain certificates; and 'Religious Records', giving details of dates, parish registers, non-conformist registers, Roman Catholic registers and Jewish records.

Family Research Link - has reverted to the name See above.

You can search millions of names on this site, which is produced by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Includes the IGI (International Genealogical Index), the 1881 British Census, and much more. You can find the nearest Family History Centre, run by the Church, by clicking the 'Library' tab. You can find guidance to genealogical records for many countries by clicking the 'Search' tab and then 'Research Guidance' or 'Research Helps'.

This is a project to add to the Internet the births, marriages and deaths indexes from 1837, when civil registration began, to 100 years ago. This is a huge task and at present only a small percentage of the total number of records are on the site. The project seeks more volunteer transcribers.

This is a project to provide free Internet searches of baptism, marriage, and burial records that have been transcribed from parish and non-conformist church registers in the UK.

The IGI (International Genealogical Index), along with other databases, is available on the Familysearch site.

Gateway site linking to all major births, marriages and deaths site. You can find sites relating to individual counties and sites with national coverage.


1881 Census  
The 1881 British census, along with other databases, is available on the Familysearch site.

1901 Census 
The census returns are online on this Public Record Office web site. Searching the  census indexes is free but there is a charge for viewing an image of a census return or a transcript of details from a return.

British  British Censuses
Useful details including census dates, how census referencing works, contents and how to search the PRO online catalogue to find out which census piece number covers a certain place.

Links to free census records online. The UK section includes some street directories and other records in addition to selected census records.

Family History Online  
On-line records compiled by Family History Societies. Indexes (or fuller details of the entries) for baptisms, marriages, burials,  monumental inscriptions, and census returns.

Family Records Centre: Census Returns  
Overview and factsheets on census returns. Topics: Census
Details of census dates, what details were recorded in each census, and how to access the censuses.

Maritime Records

National Maritime Museum  
Site includes research guides relating to tracing people who were involved with either the Merchant Navy or the Royal Navy.

National Maritime Museum - Maritime Memorials
You can search or browse a memorials database that contains records of over 4000 church, cemetery and public memorials to seafarers and victims of maritime disasters.

Public Record Office - Information Leaflets
Includes the full text of leaflets relating to records of people in the merchant navy and Royal Navy.


Borthwick Institute of Historical Research  
Prerogative Court of York wills before 1858. See the essential general information on the opening pages then click 'Family history research' then 'Probate Records'. At the end of this page there is also a link to a useful 'Simple guide to probate jurisdiction'. The Prerogative Court of York granted probate in cases in which the testator had goods in the north of England (the ecclesiastical province of York) in more than one jurisdiction within a diocese, or in more than one diocese within the province, or in both the northern and southern provinces.

Court Service: Wills and Probate Index
Overview of wills nationwide from 1858. For details of how and where to search for wills, click 'Guidance' then 'Guide to obtaining probate records' then follow the relevant links.

Directory of Probate Registries
Addresses and telephone numbers of registries in England and Wales. Members of the public can go to any probate registry and request to read a copy of a will for £5. The new national 'Probate Records Centre' in Birmingham, which now holds all wills from 1858, will scan the will and send it back to the registry within one hour of the initial request.

Family Records Centre: Wills and Probate  
Overview and factsheets on wills and probate. Topics: Wills  
Details of what information is available and how to access it.

Public Record Office: Documents Online: Wills
Prerogative Court of Canterbury (PCC) wills, 1384-1858. More than 1 million are online - you can search for wills and, for a fee, view images online. The Prerogative Court of Canterbury was the most important of the courts that proved wills. It dealt with the relatively wealthy individuals living mainly in the south of England and most of Wales (the area that was originally the ecclesiastical province of Canterbury).

Free access to a fully searchable index of over 520,000 Scottish wills and testaments dating from 1500 to 1901. Documents may be purchased for a small fee.