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Total entries: 145

Name: Angela,  Country/City: Romford Essex Posted: 13/02/2007 15:14:49

Message: Julie, wow! impressed with how much work has gone into this - 9 years! A bit of encouragment to thoses of us who have started in a very small way. Have you shared this with the girls?

Name: Mrs Linda Neal,  Country/City: nowhere Posted: 08/02/2007 20:52:12

Message: Site Looks good and interesting

Name: roland cood,  Country/City: London England Posted: 24/01/2007 15:39:31

Message: My grandfather was Robert Stigant and my mother's maiden name was Stigant. Grand dad was born in Montreal Canada and I believe he had a brother Stanley.

Name: brenda codd (nee Stigant),  Country/City: Taunton, Somerset.England Posted: 24/01/2007 15:33:59

Message: my fathers name was Robert James Stigant.When I was at Christ Church College,Canterbury the archivist of the cathedral showed the writings about Archbishop Stigant and his involvement with Harold around 1066.

Name: Douglas P Bishop,  Country/City: Ilfracombe Devon Ex London Posted: 12/01/2007 09:56:58

Message: Hi Julie you have done a lot of work iI think, and I am looking forward to taking a closer look at every thing. I am wondering how many more distant reletives will also find this site.

Name: Brian Bishop,  Country/City: Birkenhead .England Posted: 08/12/2006 14:08:05

Message: Thank you for your help will be in touch later Regards Brian

Name: Jack Ross,  Country/City: UK Scotland Posted: 30/11/2006 11:55:33

Message: I've found a common ancestor in your tree. Contact me if you want to.

Name: peter hill,  Country/City: UK farnborough, hants Posted: 29/11/2006 12:29:39

Message: Fascinating site; thank you. Stumbled across it while looking for STIGANT, my grandmothers maiden name (also that of the archbishop of canterbury in 1066:- see the Bayeux Tapestry). Useless information I know.

Name: marcella cullum,  Country/City: australia Posted: 29/11/2006 07:08:05

Message: m after an ephraim cullum or anything on the cullums of suffolk where i might find a link ephraim was born in 1825 or26 any help grateful as have hit a dead end.

Name: Rita Neal ,  Country/City: Huber Heights Ohio Posted: 23/11/2006 01:00:47

Message: I was born a Neal.I;moriginally from New Castle Indiana. Our Nealfamily came from Susie Kentucky and around Somerset. Not sure of anything else. There a 3 brothers buried in Susie, Kentucky. Thanks Good Luck....