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Julie's Family Tree Guest Book

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Total entries: 145

Name: Maureen,  Country/City: nowhere Posted: 23/03/2004 18:58:55

Message: Hi Julie, Thanks for contacting me. I loved your site. What a shame my tree isn't connected! Maureen

Name: Ann Webber,  Country/City: nowhere Posted: 18/03/2004 17:19:07

Message: Hi Julie, I have just come across your site.On your site you descend from William Smyth who married Ann Hewley, You stem from their son William. My family line stems from their son Ralph Smyth who married Alice Hawksworth. I have been in contact with David. I have not turned anything on from him. Nice to know there are alot of family members out there. Regards Ann Webber.

Name: Christopher Livesley,  Country/City: Sunderland UK Posted: 14/02/2004 17:02:02

Message: Well done Julie, through your hard work I have found out about my great and great great grandparents. Many thanks.

Name: Roger Corti,  Country/City: UK Posted: Tuesday, 23. December 2003 Time: 20:28:16

Message: Very impressive - a goal for me to copy. Also great to know of so many new relatives.

Name: Julie Summers,  Country/City: UK Posted: Thursday, 07. August 2003 Time: 18:48:32

Message: Hi There, my Guestbook is pretty new as you can see please. add a comment if you wish. remember to include your email address if you want a reply! Julie