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Total entries: 145

Name: Roger Corti,  Country/City: Pinner Posted: 18/08/2005 12:22:09

Message: Hi - keep up the good work!

Name: Pat Sayers nee Millett,  Country/City: Western Australia Posted: 16/08/2005 22:01:57

Message: Hi Julie, Just had further look into your tree, I notice that you have a couple of Sayers' there, how interesting. I feel that there is no connection to my husbands family, but who know's with further research on my part I could come across one. Regards Pat

Name: Pat Sayers nee Millett,  Country/City: Western Australia Posted: 16/08/2005 21:36:50

Message: Hi Julie, I have looked at your web site and although there are many gartons there, so far I have not found a link. My Gartons so far have all been born in London. Sorry to say I have not ben very successful in my research on the Garton side of my family. My maternal grandfather was William Percival Garton. Unfortunately I know little of his immediate family. I will press on, however, maybe one day I'll come up with something really useful. Kind regards Pat.

Name: Willis G. Neal,  Country/City: Johnson County, Kansas Posted: 14/08/2005 11:21:32

Message: Always interested in Neal genealogy. My side of the Neals went through the Cumberland Gap--settled in KY and then spread out from there. Any Neals in your study settle in KY?

Name: NITA J. TUPPER,  Country/City: BOOTHBAY HARBOR, MAINE Posted: 13/08/2005 18:08:59

Message: Do you have any information on the Tuppers of Welsh, Louisiana?

Name: Dave,  Country/City: uk Posted: 13/08/2005 17:02:07

Message: Julie Great Site!

Name: David Alden,  Country/City: Coral Springs, Florida Posted: 25/06/2005 13:33:41

Message: Julie Fantastic site.

Name: Maree Neal,  Country/City: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia Posted: 20/06/2005 03:18:28

Message: I find your site fascinating as I am interested in researching my own family tree. I have my great grandfather, Alfred Neal's death certificate which lists his place of birth as Dorking, Surrey, England. It names his father as John Neal (surgeon) and mother Ann Hooker. He would have been born in 1861. According to family tradition, Alfred left England with a brother and travelled to Canada where he worked on the construction of a cathedral. One version then has the brothers working on the Panama Canal, while another has them intending to but because of the prevelance of malaria and other diseases decided to come to Australia instead. His brother was killed at Mt Garnet in North Queensland and Alfred went on to Winton in central Queensland where he became the first resident builder and was the town's prominent builder until his retirement and death in 1938. Prior to his arrival in Winton, buildings were transported to the town from Charters Towers. He not only built the first house to be constructed in Winton, but also build the home for the Riley family. It is historically accepted that the first performance of Waltzing Matilda took place in this house. Banjo Patterson was engaged to Sarah?Riley and was in Winton visiting her family when he penned the song. I note similarities in your research - Ann Hooker, Alfred Neal family in Dorking. I would be interested in hearing from you if you feel that there is a connection.

Name: Susan Tupper Gillmor,  Country/City: Portland, Maine, USA Posted: 18/06/2005 20:07:30

Message: As a direct descendant of the first Tupper settler in North America, I'm always interested in our family history and distant cousins in England. Very nice site!

Name: Clint Livesley,  Country/City: Sydney, Australia Posted: 06/06/2005 17:56:12

Message: Just wondering if there are any relations to the surname. My Father - Warren Livesley His Father - Fred Livesley